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We at Local Focus Sudbury offer the following services:


1. Sports Action Photography 

On location, individual, team, and tournament engagements


2. High Quality Portraiture

Fully retouched, professional editing for print and/or digital use


3. Creative, Customized Products

Multi-sport sibling memory packages, coach recognition gifts and more


...all with a Personal Touch and a Winning Attitude! 

We pride ourselves on managing efficient and fun photo shoots for multi-grade programs, league teams, and families


Sports Action Photography

Do your action shots look like this? 

Cell phone action shotCell phone action shotDo your action shots look like this?


Cell Phone Sideline Action Photography 

In this photograph, it is difficult to identify players.  Often they are out of focus, leaving you with no way to enlarge or enhance a view of the action.

Our cameras are equipped with long lenses, giving us the unique ability to bring the action to you, in a way that a cell phone from the side of a field could never do. 





An example of an Athlete in Action picture taken by Local Focus Sudbury.  

In this photo the action is in full and central focus.  The player, expression and emotion are all clear.  This image could be enlarged to any size without losing any quality.

All our action shots are only made available through our secure, password protected online galleries. Our galleries are organized by sport and by team, making them easy to browse, tag favorites, and revisit.  We believe in maintaining a strict privacy protocol, securing access to all galleries, and implementing measures that prohibit copy of any displayed image.  Privacy, as parents and professionals, is a top priority for us.

Local Focus Privacy Policy

High Quality Portrait Photography

We take pride in providing quality individual portraits and team pictures. We only use professional grade cameras, lenses and lighting. As parents of children that are currently participating in multiple sports programs, we have all experienced the less than satisfying photography products. So our pledge to you and our community is to provide high quality pictures and products that you will be proud of.

Creative Products

We bring creative energy and innovation to our capture.  Anyone can take a photo of a child holding a bat, glove, stick or ball.  The true memory, the one that the more static portrait only refers to, is the moment in time, where your daughter's face lit up with joy after her goal, or your son’s priceless reaction when he realized the ball was in his glove after all –these are the moments that although perhaps retold, often get lost, become harder to recall, and ultimately fade. 

By investing time, shooting in the right light, at the right angle, using professional equipment and a trained eye, we capture a far superior and quality product.  We are focused on capturing the emotion, the posture, and the priceless effort.  It is our endeavor, by taking portrait and stylized action shots, to preserve the point in development as well as that joyful emotion side by side.

Sibling Photo Shoots

For those families with multiple athletes in their house, who shuttle between many local fields, crowded by varied equipment bags, snacks and schedules, we recognize that although a chaotic and incredibly busy time, these are relatively short experiences.  We want to capture your children in their varied activity, to preserve your memory of this diverse and exciting time, so they remember they were in it together.

Coach Recognition Packages

In youth sports, coaches dedicate significant time and energy to their teams.  They not only share enthusiasm and their love of the game, but encourage sportsmanship, teach teamwork, and demonstrate respectful behavior on and off the field.  To witness a team’s collective development, enthusiasm and genuine joy is the reason coaching team sports appeals, but  many coaches also participate to connect with their own children and forge a greater understanding and appreciation of their worlds. We believe that this investment on behalf of any child, team, or program is worthy of capture, and we cannot imagine a greater gift for a coach than record of the moment the team cheers their thanks, or their own child high fives them as they come off the field.  We would love to be a part of your team’s personal thanks by helping provide a unique team gift.  


Personal Service

We welcome any and all feedback so that we can continue to improve our capture, your experience and the range of products available.  Contact us at any time!  If you have an idea, would like to get creative, schedule a team photo shoot, or personalize a coach’s gift, we would love to hear from you!